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Filling Machines

  • These machines are fantastic for short or long run multiple drops of identical bags of product between 100g-500g.
  • Operator can focus on sealing of product without having to worry about weight of produce - this machine manages that.
  • Best suited for free-flowing products, it gives a realistic throughput of 12+ drops per minute, depending on the product size and accuracy required.
  • Removes human error on the weighing side, is easy to clean between product changes, and very compact, requiring only a suitable bench or stand & ability to load the hopper.
  • Ideal with contract packers, coffee roasters, etc.
  • Quantifying accuracy: ±2g
  • 2-stages feeding
  • Models for quantifying powder or specific materials can be custom-made.
  • Both preset weight and actual measurement value can be clearly displayed.


We also design and build vibratory semi-automatic weighing systems for larger bags. 

These systems have the bag sitting on the scale monitoring the weight and stopping at pre-set points.

Our custom built Weighing Bag Filler is made to your specifications.

Filling is via conveyor, vibrator or auger,  and we're happy to work with other methods.

Accuracy is dependent on product and speed, but 20kg bags of sand are typically +/- 20g or better.


  • The operation of this machine is simple.
  • Press START.
  • Bag is clamped pneumatically to filling tube.
  • Bag is now being weighed. 
  • Bag fills to pre-set weight and filling stops.
  • Press STOP and the filled bag is released for sealing and packing.

Designed for semi-automatic paint/liquid filling, incorporating a pump, filter, weigh-control station and lid press.

These units have a special discharge nozzle designed to minimise dripping and are semi-automatic.

This machine simply requires the operator to control the start and change the cans as they are filled.

There is also an air ram to press the lids into position.

Accuracy can be as fine as +/- 10gm, depending on filling rate and the chosen settings for fast and slow fill.

Control indicator and loadcells, fitted to a pneumatic pumping system for filling bags.

On starting, the bag is filled to a pre-set point where bulk filling stops and fine filling starts, until the final desired weight is reached.

The system then stops until the filled bag is removed and is then manually restarted after a new bag is inserted. 

Typical accuracies are +/- 20 g on a 25 kg bag.

Commonly used for filling bags of sand, etc.


Here at Advasco we have been asked to design and build speciality weighing equipment for very diverse purposes.  This includes filling machines for measuring product into bags, such as powders, food items and dry ice.  The equipment featuring in this photo was built specifically for weighing cocoa, a powder that tends to stick together and thus make easy weighing difficult.


And with our programmer and software specialist on hand, we can easily integrate projects with your computer system.


The best possible outcome on all such projects comes through close collaboration with our customers and our ability to alter designs to meet specific requirements.


So if you have a particular weighing project in mind, the first step is, simply, to talk to us.

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