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Filling Machines

Control indicator and loadcells, fitted to a pneumatic pumping system for filling bags.

On starting, the bag is filled to a pre-set point where bulk filling stops and fine filling starts,

until the final desired weight is reached.  The system then stops until filled bag is removed and

then is manually restarted after a new bag is inserted. 

Typical accuracies are +/- 20 g on a 25 kg bag.

Commonly used for filling bags of sand, etc.


Designed for semi-automatic paint/liquid filling, incorporating a pump, filter,

weigh-control station and lid press.  These units have a special discharge nozzle designed to

minimise dripping and are semi-automatic.  This machine simply requires the operator to

control the start and change the cans as they are filled.  There is also an air ram to press

the lids into position.

Accuracy can be as fine as +/- 10gm, depending on filling rate and the chosen settings for

fast and slow fill.

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