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We service all scales, including obsolete models, with the help of our extensive range of spare parts for both electronic and mechanical models.  Our staff have years of hands on technical experience. Call us to see if we can help with your equipment.



We can calibrate your existing equipment. All our calibrations are completed with certified weights traceable to NZ Government weights held by the DSIR.

  • Advasco Quality Control calibration accreditation - our standard test for all scales.
  • Trading Standards (TS) calibration accreditation, mandated by Consumer Affairs, for scales being used to sell products to the public.


Advasco Quality Control Accreditation

  • Verification that a scale is weighing correctly to either the manufacturer’s or a stated tolerance.  This calibration test is applicable to all scales.  Tests can be carried out regularly on any time basis required,  although most clients prefer annual, six-monthly or quarterly tests.  All scales sold by Advasco, including both new and second-hand scales, come with Advasco Quality Control calibration accreditation.


Trading Standards Accreditation

  • NZ Government Trading Standards (TS) calibration accreditation test.  This is required by law when product is bought or sold by weight.  The TS test has specific requirements including traceable paperwork and is valid for one year from the date of issue.  Due to the time required and certified personnel being involved, the scale would normally need to be left at our workshop overnight.  Further information for both consumers and retailers regarding weights & measures is available on the Ministry of Consumer Affairs’ website, using the search term ‘measurement’.



  • We are always happy to accept trade-ins. We have a competitive pricing policy that eliminates the hassles of Trade Me or similar auction sites, and gives you immediate cash value.
  • Trade-in and all other secondhand scales are fully checked and serviced to ensure that they weigh to their design accuracy, and they come with a 90-day warranty.
  • We have a large and constantly changing range of used scales. As these are very popular with our customers, please contact us with any requests or special needs.
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We are an NZ company who specialises in weighing and weight measurement using weigh scales, including new scales, used scales, second hand scales and old scales. We handle every kind of scale repairs, scale hire and scale calibration.
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