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Bench Scales

The SW-2 T-scale is perfect for bench weighing in situations where a Trade-approved scale (required for use when a product is bought or sold) is needed.

With the use of an optional RS232 serial connection, this scale can integrate with your software.

  • battery rechargeable
  • has a clear display and a very fast response time
  • with clean appearance and stainless steel top plate suitable for food handling
  • available in standard or water-resistant options
  • capacities can be 3kg, 6kg, 15kg or 30kg
  • 25mm LCD display with LED backlight
  • dual range capacity
  • 12V AC adaptor/6V internal rechargeable battery
  • simple to operate 3-key keyboard
  • Pan Size: 200mm x 260mm

From mixing resins to mixing foodstuffs, the ACS Super-SS general purpose bench scale is one of Advasco's bestsellers.

The Super SS is a compact bench scale that Advasco imported especially for the processing market, coming in 30kg, 15kg or 6kg capacities (ex-stock).

This scale is being used successfully in a number of food processing factories - and works well in this environment. 

The Super SS is not a Trade-approved scale, so should be used accordingly.


What makes the Super SS so popular with our customers?

  • Bright and easy to read display
  • Fast response rate
  • Easy care, low maintenance
  • Great value for money

Waterproof keypad, sensor and charger

Ideal scale for multiple packaging in wet areas, with an ultra-fast 0.5 second stabilization rate.

This makes for extremely efficient weighing.

These are Trade-approved scales.

Two great new functions come with the FS-i series scale.

- Auto-tare function: the scale can perform tare automatically each time the weight reaches the target range.

- Negative Comparison: compare negative values by removing weights from the scale.

By using these two functions together, it is possible to perform "take-away" check weighing.

The FS-i stores up to 100 sets of comparator limits, really helpful if you need to change the setting frequently.

This water-resistant, compact bench weighing scale is specifically designed with a High/Low Go light display, making it ideal for high volume multiple packing to a specified weight - showing whether each package weighed is within a set tolerance and thus can be accepted or rejected.

A very popular feature is the SJ series' exceptionally clear, big, bright LCD display with white back light.


Fast response time.

  • Battery-powered, 6 x D alkaline batteries.
  • Stainless steel weighing pan, resistant to scratching.
  • Corrosion-resistant loadcell.
  • Automatic turn-off function if scale not used.
  • Multiple weighing units: g, kg, lb, oz, ozt, lb-oz, tael, tola, Newton
  • Capacities from 1.5kg x 0.5g to 30kg x 1g

A robust, general purpose bench scale, great for general weighing purposes, use in light industry and factories. 

An excellent feature of the JWL series is that they come with replaceable dust covers.

These cope well with spillage, making this scale very popular with two-pot epoxy mixing businesses and similar.

Using the RS-232 serial connection (optional at extra cost), this scale can write to an Xcel database, a service our programmer can provide.



  • Weighing Units: kg/g/lb/pcs
  • Power Supply: Electric or rechargeable battery
  • Large bright LCD display with green LED backlight
  • Weighing platter easy to disassemble, with anti-cockroach design
  • Bubble level and adjustable feet
  • Zero/Zero tracking/Tare/ Weighing/Simple counting/Accumulation/Check weighing functions
  • Automatic shut off and back light
  • Optional RS-232/Relay interface for connecting with Excel software.
  • 3kg/1g(2g) ~ 30kg/10g(20g)
  • The LCD panel is large and positioned at an angle for easy viewing to prevent misreading.
  • The IPC is a portable scale with a compact design. It allows users to measure weights of items from 1 g to 30 kg.
  • Trade-approved scales.
  • 3kg /0.5g ~ 30kg /5g
  • NZ Trade-approved IP66 wash-down scale with LED display
  • 253mm x 218mm platter
  • Can be set to 6000 divisions in non-trade mode
  • 6kg /1g ~ 150kg /20g
  • Heavy duty economical bench scale
  • 330mm x 280mm base
  • NZ Trade-approved parcel scale

The Jadever NWTH-2K Precision Scale ideal for small businesses, factories, schools, offices, and a wide variety of weighing application - paricularly popular for its counting function.

Excellent low cost simple counting scales, very portable and no need to worry about charging, runs on C size batteries.

Very compact so can be used easily in small spaces and on narrow shelving.

High resolution for giving good accuracy when weighing/counting small parts.


  • high resolution 1/20,000
  • weighing Units: Kg / g / lb.oz / pcs
  • display: 5 digits, 19mm digit height, LCD Display with green LED backlight
  • high impact ABS housing
  • stainless steel weighing pan
  • bubble level and adjustable feet
  • overload and transport protection devices
  • zero / Tare / Weighing / Simple counting / Net weight / Gross Weight Functions
  • auto shut off for power saving
  • power: supplied with adaptor as standard issue or if requested 4 x C size batteries
  • battery life: about 160 hours with backlight on, 260 hours with backlight off
  • RS-232 / Relay interface (optional)

Available Capacities 3000g/0.5g, 5000g/1g 
Platform size: 154x154mm 
Units: G/lb 
LED display 
With Batteries - 6xAA battery

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