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  • These machines are fantastic for short or long run multiple drops of identical bags of product between 100g-500g.
  • Operator can focus on sealing of product without having to worry about weight of produce - this machine manages that.
  • Best suited for free-flowing products, it gives a realistic throughput of 12+ drops per minute, depending on the product size and accuracy required.
  • Removes human error on the weighing side, is easy to clean between product changes, and very compact, requiring only a suitable bench or stand & ability to load the hopper - This is a very popular scale with
  • Ideal with contract packers, coffee roasters, etc.
  • Quantifying accuracy: ±2g
  • 2-stages feeding
  • Models for quantifying powder or specific materials can be custom-made.
  • Both preset weight and actual measurement value can be clearly displayed.


We also design and build vibratory semi-automatic weighing systems for larger bags. 

These systems have the bag sitting on the scale monitoring the weight and stopping at pre-set points.

We design and build custom systems to any capacity for bulk weighing using bins, hoppers and silos.

The system would usually consist of one loadcell per leg, sized according to the weight requirements, all connected through a junction box to a display indicator.

Each loadcell comes with a mounting assembly.

We select an appropriate indicator according to the job requirement, which can have the following functions -

  • a  unit which simply displays the weight
  • a unit which can communicate with a PC
  • a unit which can send signals to open and close valves at set point weight

Wireless display units are also an option.

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We are an NZ company who specialises in weighing and weight measurement using weigh scales, including new scales, used scales, second hand scales and old scales. We handle every kind of scale repairs, scale hire and scale calibration.
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