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The Weigh to Excellence

Advasco Scales – specialists in weighing equipment


Want to talk weighing equipment?  Talk to us!

We sell both new and second-hand scales, and yes we deal in trade-ins too.


We specialise in custom design and building of weighing equipment for specific purposes, always working in close collaboration with our clients.

This can range from adapting existing weighing equipment to fit a specific need, to manufacturing a purpose-designed item at your request.


You can hire scales from us to suit a wide variety of uses, for any time period you choose.


We service and repair scales and we have registered technicians who will carry out calibration accreditation tests to meet your own quality control requirements,

or any of the various legally required testing regimes such as TS and MAF.


Our staff have a very broad range of knowledge and expertise in mechanical and electronic weighing systems, from simple mechanical scales

to multi-purpose computerised scales and we are happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements. 


We can advise you on the best options to suit any project and any budget.


We answer your enquiries promptly.

Types and Ranges

4328 series 4406 Series 4407 Series A&D A&D, FS, bench scales, highspeed weighing, auto tare AFM trade series antique scales Avery 3901 baby scales batching scales bench scale bench scale, bin, hopper, silo, batching, blending blood pressure monitor Box and package measure Box dimensioner Counting scales Courier cost control Courier parcel measurement crane scale Cubic Cubic measure Cubic Volume Dangerous Goods Scales digital digital scale digital scales Dynamometer EK1 Series Floor scale floor scales Freight measure Freight measurement analysis freight scale general use GP Series Hazardous Area Scale hazardous Area Scales hire HVG HVG Series HWG Indicator ingredients scale Laboratory scale laboratory scale, Ohaus, Ohaus Adventurer Logistics Loss recovery mechanical scales Moisture balance MS70 MSUA787 multiple packing Outwards goods Paediatric Scales PC Software pediatric scales personal weighing platform scale platform scales Precision scale radio frequency control Retail Scales Sales Save to Excel Save to file scales scales, ACS Super SS, bench, scales, CCS, crane scales, portable crane scales scales, crane scales, hanging scales, Salter Brecknell Electro Samson scales, DSM loadcell mounts, tank, vessel, scales, fan scales, mechanical scales, bagging, pneumatic cutoff scales, Freight scale, mechanical scale scales, Jadever, JIF 2002, filling machine, speciality scale scales, mechanical scales, mechanical scales, crane scales, reconditioned scales, mechanical scales, Devon scales, scales for children Seca SF series Software Solas stainless steel tension meter toddler scales Toledo scales touchscreen trade approved Trade Series Trading Standards Triple range Verified Gross Mass VGM Volume Measuring Volumetric waterproof waterproof, dustproof water resistant wet area Wet Area Series Wifi wireless YHT6
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We are an NZ company who specialises in weighing and weight measurement using weigh scales, including new scales, used scales, second hand scales and old scales. We handle every kind of scale repairs, scale hire and scale calibration.
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