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Moving into the Coffee Business?

Want to sell packaged coffee to your own customers or onsell to other cafes and coffee houses?

Advasco Scales can help you with scales for manual packing, for automated packing and with custombuilt equipment for those special coffee projects.

Velvet Coffee Roasters in Henderson worked with a manual system for many years – sitting down with the roasted beans and paper packets, loading the coffee in then checking the weight on a small scale.  But they recently decided to move over to an automated system – so Advasco built them a machine designed specifically for their purposes.  Now, instead of being constrained by roasting times and needing to  deal with those roasted beans within a limited time frame so the next load of beans could be put in for roasting, they can now put the roasted beans into their custombuilt machine, do other work while the machine does the measuring out and then stops  - and best of all, the roasting machine no longer rules the roost!



About 60kg of roasted beans fit in the hopper and slide easily down the chute into paper bags.  The system shuts off automatically when the correct weight is reached.  The custombuilt machine is working like a charm - and Velvet Coffee have outlets all across the North Island - so everyone’s happy, the workers and the coffee drinkers!




Velvet Coffee have as their symbol an elephant and a rhino,

and they support wildlife sanctuaries in Africa,

both travelling across to Africa to do voluntary work in

sanctuaries, and supporting them with donations.

It's great to see a company putting something back into communities.







































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