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What is a Trade-Approved scale?

If you are selling goods by weight then the equipment you are using to determine that weight is deemed to be 'use for trade'.


'Use for trade' includes any weighing or measuring equipment that is used to determine a quantity - weight - which is being used to establish a basis for financial transaction between two parties.


All weighing and measuring equipment in 'use for trade' must be of an 'approved type' - and this is what is  called a Trade-Approved scale.


Trade-Approved equipment has, through rigorous testing, been legally determined to be both suitable for trade and that it will not facilitate fraud.


Only Trade-Approved equipment can be stamped with a 'Mark of Verification' and it is a legal requirement that all equipment in 'use for trade' be stamped with a Verification Mark.


However, if you are exporting goods for sale, you are not required to use a Trade-Approved scale - this is only required for goods sold in New Zealand.


We sell a range of Trade-Approved scales that are popular with many of our customers.  Small Bench scales and larger Pole display models are available from brands such as T-Scale, A and D, UWE and Ishida.  Each of these brands have different models, so the more information you can give us about the required use of the scale, the easier for us to propose something suitable for your specific requirements.


A surprising number of people are still being caught out not using a Trade-Approved scale in their production when they are legally required to.  Don't let this happen to you, and is it against the law and you may possibly face legal action.


And you should be very cautious about buying non Trade-Approved weighing equipment from auction and other internet sites, or whilst travelling overseas.  You will not be able to use them in circumstances in New Zealand which require the use of a Trade-Approved scale. 


You are welcome to ring us for advice on whether Trade-Approved weighing equipment is required in your particular situation.

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