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Cube'n'weigh - Cubic Volume measure and Weigh system


Is your business having issues with over-ticketing loss, under-ticketing fees or parcel measurement errors? The Advasco Cube'n'Weigh could be your ideal solution.

The Cube'n'Weigh is a single step weigh and volume measuring system that displays the results within seconds. [Click on the picture above to zoom in]


Doing this manually with a weigh scale, tape measure and calculator is both tedious and time consuming.

We have a Cube'n'Weigh for you to try on site at our Henderson workshop.
Cube'n'Weigh simultaneously measures and weighs your freight packages.  Using laser scan technology, it quickly and accurately determines the cubic volume of the parcel while weighing it at the same time, with the results showing clearly on the data display.
Cubic volume, width, height and length can all be shown on the data display if required.
Cost effective payback on labour can be very attractive. 
For example the Cube'n'weigh will measure the weight and cubic volume in less than 5 seconds. Say this is a saving of 30 seconds per item measured with a tape and calculator.
The pay back is as follows:
30 seconds per item at 200 items per day at $20 per hour labour = $33 saved per day.
The unit pays for itself in less than 24 weeks.
Specifications (for the standard unit)
  • Max parcel size: 800x700x600mm
  • Typical operation accuracy +/- 0.05kg and +/- 0.001 cubic metres
  • Max weight: 60kg
  • 3mm thick steel guide (blue)
  • 7 volts DC (no earthing inspection required)
Optional Extras
Data logging by USB, Serial or TCP over RJ-45
  • Integration with your system via SQL, CSV and others
  • Back Office real-time log and reporting software
  • Portable outdoor battery supply


Custom design for your needs

This is the 4 line LCD version for specific dimensioning needs


Optional portable battery power supply



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We have since developed other systems to deal with odd shapes and larger loads such as pallets.

A new website for product comparison can be found at the following address.






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